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Jerry's Video

The Milky Way

The Milky Way, Scene #01

The sexy sneer and tousled hair of James Dean, add the face of a boy band front man and plant that on top of the body of an underwear model and you Jerry - well, you almost have him. We forgot the part about needing to add on the dick of a porn star and not just long, but as fat as an sausage as we have seen dangling in a long time!Ancient lore regarding tattoos say that placement of them leads to insight into the character of a person, from his interview, we already know there is a little freak in Mr. Jerry. Once the clothes come off and we see where he has decorated his body....makes me believe we only hit the tip of the iceberg. With his taller surfer build, jet black hair, extremely flat tummy and tats across both shoulders, his back and on the side by his ribcage, it leaves you craving to know more about the dark knight.I feel the camera man had the same instinct...usually no questions are asked once the show begins, however Jerry was more than willing to provide the info on how horny he was while engaged in working up that meat thru his clothes. We can also take into note about Jerry that he loves exploring his body...once completely naked and worked up, Jerry begins massaging his hairy hole and soon after, lets go of that nut onto his flat tummy.

Starring Jerry
  • released : 12-17-2005 |