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Elijah White's Video

The Alan Wench

The Alan Wench, Scene #01

It's an all you can eat week, as we bring you two certified extra big dicks. Go Figure! The first, Jessie Alan needs no introduction. We can't seem to get enough of this 24 year old native Floridian with the sexy ink and monster cock. This week we also welcome back Orlando's own Elijah White. Elijah, the tall, hung 18 year old made quite the impression when he made his debut with us last month. We asked these two if they found $100 on the street what they would do with it. Jessie would put his money in the bank. Elijah would head to H&M and get himself something to wear. We then wondered what TV shows they loved as kids. Elijah loved Rugrats while Jessie grew up watching the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Today Jessie watches the Discovery Channel the most and Elijah is a Fang Bangin' fan of True Blood. Both of these studs are packin' more than the average and we wondered who's was the biggest dick they'd ever seen. Elijah beams as he admits the stud to his left has the biggest cock he'd ever seen. We're sure Jessie gets that a lot. Fortunately, Jessie will get to show Elijah just what that thick cock of his can do...Jessie and Elijah are on the couch as Elijah confesses to Jessie that every time his boyfriend sees his big cock he wants him to top him. He's getting tired of always having to top and maybe if he found a bigger dick he'd be tempted to bottom for a change. Jessie is already groping his growing crotch. “I can help you out with that' he grins. Elijah moves in to see just what he has to offer as he frees Jessie's massive cock. He opens wide and takes as much of that cock into his mouth as he can. Jessie groans as he watches that thick cock getting worked on by one eager Elijah. Elijah runs his tongue along the shaft and around the swollen knob driving Jessie crazy. Jessie then stands to give Elijah better access to his meat. Elijah takes his time as he savors every inch of that cock. After working it for a while he stands and lets Jessie strip him and get a taste of what he has to offer. Jessie frees his 8' cock and eagerly returns the favor as he swallows his cock to the hilt. The chemistry is apparent as these two take turns sucking each other's thick cocks getting hornier for more to cum.Jessie eventually suits up and sits back and watches as Elijah sits on his python. Elijah's hot ass finally gets what it needs, a proper fucking. He slowly impales himself on that cock til it's all the way inside. He then starts to ride that cock bouncing on it for a bit. Once he stops Jessie takes over and keeps shoving that meat up into that hungry hole. Elijah's cock is rock hard as he gets that hole stretched. He grinds that hot ass wanting every inch of Jessie buried inside him. Jessie then stands and bends his new playmate over and slides right back in tapping that ass doggy style. Jessie's heavy balls slap away at that smooth ass as he fucks him deep. Elijah moans and begs for more. Careful what you wish for as Jessie gives him just that. He flips Elijah over onto his back and shoves that thick cock in again missionary. He fucks him harder and faster and that does the trick as Jessie's cock makes him cum all over himself. Jessie then pulls out and unloads a thick nut all over one cum drenched Elijah.

  • released : 08-10-2011 |

Long Days Journey Into White

Long Days Journey Into White, Scene #01

Alexander Greene is back this week on ExtraBigDicks and we're always happy to have this hung Jersey boy in the house. For those of you unfamiliar with Alexander, he's become a definite fan favorite with that 20 year old boyish face and man-sized meat. Making his EBD debut this week is Mr. Elijah White. Elijah is from Orlando, FL and apparently this tall, hung hottie turned 18 and hit the ground running. Well, he's definitely equipped for what we're looking for…so who are WE to judge? <…twiddling thumbs> lol We asked these two if there was anyone they admired enough to suggest they be featured on a postage stamp. Alexander grins as he admits it wouldn't be anyone in his family. Elijah can't think of anyone off hand, not even his identical twin brother. Maybe they should both be featured on a Hung Series of stamps. We then asked these two what pleasure they enjoy best getting on their dicks. Alexander says hands down he loves getting his cock sucked most of all. A good mouth is hard to find specially one that can easily accommodate all he's packin'. Elijah brightens Alexander's day as he admits he too loves oral but prefers giving vs. receiving. Well Hell—what are we waiting for?Elijah is busy doing homework when Alexander comes in looking for condoms. Elijah hands him a couple but none of them will work. “Maybe for my little cousin” Alexander says “but they won't work on this.” He grabs his crotch as Elijah realizes Alexander is rock hard and packing way more than would fit into a regular rubber. Alexander undoes his jeans and lets Elijah get a closer look at his uncut monster. Elijah is soon on his knees opening wide and wanting to see just how big this thing gets. He starts to nurse on Alexander's cock stroking it with his hand as he gets it inside. Alexander found just what he was looking for as Elijah worships his thick meat. Alexander is lean and naturally smooth and after getting that dick worked on, his curiosity gets the better of him. He stands Elijah up and strips him to get a look at what he's packin'. Alex is in good company as he frees Elijah's hard cock. Elijah then gets right back to business laying on the couch as he nurses on more of that thick meat he'll soon want somewhere else. (…any suggestions?) …that was completely rhetorical.Elijah then swaps places on the couch with Alexander who readily starts to return the favor. He takes that thick cock all the way down his throat as Elijah moans his approval. Alexander then suits up; watching as Elijah sits on his dick. He slides that tight ass down in a reverse cowgirl and starts to ride that meat taking every inch of it deep inside him. Alexander helps bounce him on his cock wanting to get his entire dick inside. What's good for the goose is good for Elijah who takes his turn at bat. He suits up and bends Alexander over his desk and takes that ass. He gets that cock inside and goes to work pounding that ass doggy style. Alexander is a trooper and takes every inch he's given. His own massive meat is rock hard as Elijah buries that dick deep. The chemistry between these two is off the charts. But wait—there's more. Alexander then takes control back as he lays Elijah on the couch. He lifts those legs and slides his thick dick inside for some missionary. This position's going to do the trick as Elijah jacks his thick cock in time to the fucking he's getting. He can't hold back any more as his load erupts all over his hairless navel. Alexander grinds inside making him cum even harder. Alexander then pulls out and unloads a huge batch all over Elijah's cum-drenched cock.

  • released : 07-13-2011 |